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Helping companies grow through acquisition

At Acquisitions4you, we focus exclusively on helping our clients grow by arranging the acquisition of businesses, against agreed criteria and managing the process from beginning to end.
Our clients look to acquire or sell for a variety of reasons including faster growth, strategic supply chain consolidation, market penetration, and retirement.

There are various approaches a business seller will have to the process of selling their business. Some may wish to sell their business and walk away, whereas some will look to continue for a period with the acquirer. Others may look to “take some money off the table” by selling a majority stake and retaining a minority with a view to that minority stake growing in value over a period of years. In time this minority stake  may become worth as much as the initial majority.

We work with and will find, serious, well-funded acquirers, often where we have longstanding relationships already. These are acquirers we know we can trust, acquirers who are highly experienced in the acquisition (and integration) process, who offer highly competitive valuations and place real importance on the service provided to clients post acquisition, respecting the legacy and reputation you’ve built up, often over many years.

about acquisitions 4 You

How we do it

Working with

From the point we start working with an acquisition partner we spend time understanding the kind of company they want to acquire.

We then identify and approach potential businesses that may be good target acquisitions. In these initial approaches we normally do not reveal the identity of the acquirer.

For interested business sellers we’ll start the process of gathering the necessary information for an initial high level valuation assessment. At this stage this is without detailed due diligence, rather we are seeking to establish if there is a seller and buyer possible match worthy of an introduction.

Working with Businesses looking to sell

If we are looking to help a business find a buyer, we’ll gather the information in an anonymised way and make approaches to a few, select acquirers, agreed with you in advance. These potential acquirers’ appetites and business models would appear to be the most synergistic with your own.

As an “introducer”, we firmly believe that you should have choice rather than place all your eggs in one basket. Therefore we will always approach a small number of potential acquirers rather than just one.

We can explain to you the basis of valuations – from income multiples to multiples of Adjusted Profit / EBITDA – but we must ultimately rely on our acquirers themselves deciding on valuations. These will vary according to their view of the business. All of this is under an NDA protecting both sides.

We maintain close liaison and manage the process for our acquirers and sellers throughout the entire process to ensure smooth communication, leading to a satisfactory outcome for both parties.


When it comes to acquiring a business and to an owner selling a business , everything has to be right, from valuation to any arrangement of continued involvement of the leadership team, to the legacy and brand value and how an acquirer will take care of your staff to whether an acquirer shares your views and values on the maintenance and development of your business and client service.

We favour and work with select acquirers based on a number of key attributes which include but are not limited to the following


We have to be certain, at all times, that our acquirers will deal confidentially and professionally with all enquiries.


We will only deal with acquirers who can demonstrate having sufficient resources to fund any acquisition.


Acquirers are selected on the basis of their experience of making acquisitions, their ability to undertake the acquisition process and their expertise in integrating an acquired business.

Done for your acquisitions acquisitions4you

Clients we have Helped with M&A services


Financial Services | $800M Revenue | USA

We Chose to work with Acquisition4you to help us identify businesses in States we didn’t operate in, we liked the results oriented model they approached us with and ultimately acquired 3 business of 30 presented, giving us a significant uptick in growth, we are now looking at others areas in which the team can help us.

J Boston, CFO – Financial Services – USA

Manufacturing and Processing | £12M Revenue | UK

A4U helped us explore how we acquire and grow, the team helped us find, structure and negotiate, help with Financial and legal due diligence, as we didn’t have inhouse expertise . so an easy well manged process helped us a lot, we would highly recommend A4U

Peter C, Founder - Manufacturing - UK

Insurance | £500M Revenue | USA

We completed the purchase of a West Coast based Brokerage with the help of A4U, who introduced the business to us and assisted us and the seller throughout the sales process. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to both vendors and purchasers!

Simon A – CEO West Coast Insurance - USA

Why Choose Us?


Our model and how we help acquirers acquire and sellers sell a business, is focussed on affordability. Our upfront fees are low, which compared to the market seems plainly ridiculous, but we focus more on a success-based model. This often means acquirers acquire for effectively nothing, but sellers receive fair value.


We are acquirers ourselves, so we know the process well.  One of the reasons that deals fall apart is the lack of professional care in managing the process. Given that we make money on closing deals it’s in our interest to help make sure things don’t fall through the cracks and that we help the buyers and sellers we introduce to each other get things done.

Our Network

We can help with Due diligence in most areas, be it financial, legal, HR, contract, or anything else, we have a panel of partners that can help in these areas if needed. We can also help with the cash raise if that’s needed by introducing you to our partners who are specialists in that area. 

We really are a “Done 4 you “ Acquisitions service, for buyers and sellers.

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