Secrets to 10Xing Your Business And Cashing Out Tax-Free

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  • 10xing your business and cashing out tax free

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Helping Businesses Increase 10x Their Value and/or Cash Out Tax-Free

So who is this for?

Maybe You’re a Thinking Of Selling Your Business, And You Want the Best Price You Can Get

Perhaps You’ve Had The Business On The Market, But You’re Not Getting Acceptable Offers 

Possibly You’re Thinking of Doubling The Business By Acquiring Another Business But You Don’t Have M&A Staff  or Time To Do This

Potentially You Are Considering Retiring And Want to Pay As Little Tax As You Can

We help Businesses, Consultants, Coches, 10x the value of the business and/or cash out tax-free, and for our clients, our fees can end up being free of charge when they use our system, which we like to call “Secrets to 10xing your business and cashing out tax free”

about acquisitions4You

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The Challenge

What are the biggest issues in the marketplace today for businesses in the small-medium Enterprise space is that nine out of 10 when they come to market don’t sell

This means that owners end up working in businesses well into their retirement years when they should be enjoying that retirement with their loved ones

In general terms, a business that’s doing around 500,000 in EBITDA is probably going to be worth somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000

When you sell that business and after you’ve paid taxes and fees, you’ve got a lot less than the selling price for the business

So how do you change that?

We believe that by following a system you can 10x the value of your business and cash out tax-free. This is not, or everyone, and it doesn’t work for all, but our clients use a system that we like to call “The Secrets to 10xing Your Business And Caching Out Tax- Free”

This means that instead of the previous example  where after selling a business, you cash out with 380,000 after fees and taxes, you now get 5,000,000 to 10,000,000; want to know more?

How to 10X Tax-Free

10xing your business and cashing out tax free




We help grow, scale and 10x business values, giving you 10x in the bank.


When it comes to acquiring a business and to an owner selling a business , everything has to be right, from valuation to any arrangement of continued involvement of the leadership team, to the legacy and brand value and how an acquirer will take care of your staff to whether an acquirer shares your views and values on the maintenance and development of your business and client service.

We favour and work with select acquirers based on a number of key attributes which include but are not limited to the following


We have to be certain, at all times, that our acquirers will deal confidentially and professionally with all enquiries.


We will only deal with acquirers who can demonstrate having sufficient resources to fund any acquisition.


Acquirers are selected on the basis of their experience of making acquisitions, their ability to undertake the acquisition process and their expertise in integrating an acquired business.

Done for your acquisitions acquisitions4you

Sample Buyers In Our Network


Financial Services | $800M Revenue | USA

We were looking for 10%  growth, which organic programs wouldn’t deliver for us in a year; using “Secrets to 10xing your business”, A4U identified and acquired in over 30 states, of which we bought 3, and that added over 10% in that year to the top line. We were so impressed with the system, that we introduced them to our network to do the same 

J Boston, CFO – Financial Services – USA

Manufacturing and Processing | £12M Revenue | UK

A4U helped us find ways to 10x the business value that we just were not aware of, with a combination of more sales from channels we didn’t use, savings we were not aware we could make, and went from a $2.3M to $22M valuation and exit 

Peter C, Founder - Manufacturing - UK

Insurance | £500M Revenue | USA

We completed the sale of a West Coast-based Brokerage with the help of A4U, who helped grow the business fast and sell with no tax to pay to a trade buyer. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to both vendors and purchasers!

Simon A – CEO West Coast Insurance - USA

Why Choose Us?

Results Driven

We Win When You Win


We Know How to 10x your value 

Our Network

Multiple Exit Routes for the business at sale that also look after the name, legacy, customer and staff

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